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About Kettlebottom Creative

What We Do

For over a decade Kettlebottom Creative has produced video projects for clients including television commercials, internal corporate videos, and online video assets. Our diverse portfolio includes projects for businesses in the financial, health, B2B, service, and retail sectors. Our team is equipped with cutting edge gear, and are uniquely experienced to handle every aspect of your next video project from scripting, pre-production, production and finally post-production, revisions, and final delivery.

Our mobile, flexible shooting style allows us to quickly and efficiently capture all necessary on-site footage with minimal disruption to your busineeses operations.

Since it’s inception Kettlebottom Creative has also begun offering sevices in photography, graphic design, animation, print advertising design, and audio-only recording.

Born in the Field

Kettlebottom Creative got its start producing an outdoor sports television show, Kettlebottom Outdoors – which continues releasing content to this day. The challenges of filming hunting and fishing content shaped Kettlebottom Creative early on to value compact efficiency. Shooting in foreign locations including Ireland, New Zealand, Costa Rica, and across the United States, necessitated self-sufficiency and judicial selection of essential equipment.

Through years of developing and producing several television productions, working completely in-house from pre-production through post-production, we have gained the knowledge and experience to complete in-depth projects without requiring any external resources.

Working under challenging and unpredictable conditions has taught us to be highly mobile, self-reliant and flexible.

Who We Are

Meet The Kettlebottom Creative Team

George Manchester Jr.


George started videography/video editing at North Kingstown High School in the communications program. George attended New England Tech’s associates degree in video audio production. George’s first job was working for a wedding production company editing about 30 wedding montages. In 2011 George started working at Kettlebottom Productions as a video editor and working his way up as a graphics artist, videographer, and animator. George has edited for 3 separate television shows and has captured a diverse group of projects including rugby in Ireland, rally in Maine, elk hunting in Colorado, and fishing all around the US. George plays multiple instruments and has a love for all things music and audio production. George has been working with Kettlebottom for a decade.

Specialties: Video Editing, Animation, Graphic Design, Videography, Podcast Recording

Ty Leger

Ty began working for Kettlebottom at its inception as an outdoor television production company.  With a strong recreational background in fishing, hiking, diving, and lifelong interest in nature he was given the opportunity to become the first full-time employee in order to capture and ultimately edit hunting and fishing excursions both locally and around the world.  Expansion into extreme sports increased the difficulty due to the speeds involved, the technical aspects of such sports as rock climbing or alpine skiing, and the extreme weather necessary for sports such as kiteboarding or ice climbing.  The steep learning curve presented by long hours in the field, unpredictable weather conditions, and increasingly remote destinations led to a necessity for self-sufficiency, mobile gear, and the flexibility to adapt to virtually any challenge on the fly.  Addition of George to the team in 2011, as well as increasing demand for client video work, allowed Kettlebottom to grow organically, increase our technical expertise and diversify our offerings. 

Specialties: Videography, Editing, Copy Writing


Zack Turnquist


Though new to the Kettlebottom Creative team, Zack’s entire working career has been in theater, TV, and film production. Before joining the team, he spent seven years working in the film industry in Los Angeles occupying various roles within the art, camera, casting, and production management departments, including time spent on the soundstages of Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers, and more. Zack is excited to be back home in the state that he loves, Rhode Island, with newfound techniques and skills. He enjoys a challenge, and is always eager to learn something new.

Specialties: Videography, Video Editing, Copy Writing, Graphic Design, Animation

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