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George Manchester Jr

George started videography/video editing at North Kingstown High School in the communications program. George attended New England Tech’s associates degree in video audio production. George’s first job was working for a wedding production company editing about 30 wedding montages. In 2011 George started working at Kettlebottom Productions as a video editor and working his way up as a graphics artist, videographer, and animator. George has edited for 3 separate television shows and has captured a diverse group of projects including rugby in Ireland, rally in Maine, elk hunting in Colorado, and fishing all around the US. George plays multiple instruments and has a love for all things music and audio production. George has been working with Kettlebottom for a decade.


Camera Operation, Video Editing, Concept Design, Audio Recording, Directing, Graphic Design, Interviewing, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Kit, Voiceover, Animation

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